• Bill Nobles

A3 Problem Solving Course Starts April 29

This one-day (8-hour) course is an activity-based session designed to discover and solve specific problems. Successful manufacturers constantly focus on improving quality and on-time delivery while attempting to reduce operating costs. Resources are always in short supply, so effective, rapid, real-time problem-solving methods are critical.

The A3 technique, a structured problem-solving approach, teaches individuals how to rapidly address manufacturing problems, effectively communicate solutions, and monitor results. This technique seeks to clearly define the problem in measurable terms, uncover potential root causes, determine the true root cause or causes, analyze alternative answers, develop implementation plans, and communicate key performance indicators.

All information is recorded in a document printed on 11-by-17-inch paper, the size designated “A3” by ISO 216.

Lunch provided. Food and drinks allowed.

(517) 877-2490 or (517) 437-3200
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