LRTC Director’s Message During Unprecedented Times


The LRTC will be open soon with added measures for the safety of our students and guests.  We have always taken extra measures to keep our facilities clean and safe.  So now we have added more safe guards to assure all students and visitors are cared for during these unprecedented times. We will be offering a combination of online and regular on site classes. You can now register online for classes by visiting our website or from our email campaigns. Please visit our website often as it is continually updated with class offerings and upcoming events.
Bill Nobles
LRTC Director
The City of Litchfield provides the Litchfield Regional Training and Krohn Centers to deliver exceptional learning experiences. Both Centers are proprietary schools registered with the
Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.
Training courses are demand-driven by local employers, covering mandatory certifications, as well as, customized courses taught by industry experts from Michigan and beyond. Offering quality training at reasonable rates allows our employers to save substantially on training costs.
All courses are open enrollment. Our customers include individuals looking to increase their employment skills and high school students with the interest and potential to succeed.
Everyone is Welcome!

Litchfield Regional Training Center

181 Simpson Drive, Litchfield, MI 49252

Richard E. Krohn Center for Excellence (Welding)

200 Bishop Street, Litchfield, MI 49252

(517) 877-2490 or (517) 437-3200

By supporting the LRTC, you support the future. A community-funded organization developed to support the thriving Litchfield Industrial Park, the LRTC provides world-class industrial and business training to Hillsdale County and surrounding areas.
To contribute to or inquire about the Litchfield Regional Training Center (LRTC), please 
contact Bill Nobles, LRTC Director, (517) 877-2490.
(517) 877-2490 or (517) 437-3200
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