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When you decide to partner with The Litchfield Regional Training Center, you help ensure the financial future and quality of life for residents of Litchfield and beyond.


The Litchfield Regional Training Center is quickly becoming a vital component of the thriving Litchfield Industrial Park, providing a local source for essential employee training. This skilled workforce has increased the success and productivity of the industrial district. 


By supporting The Litchfield Regional Training Center, you support the future of the region, whether you are benefiting as an employer with a more skilled workforce, or an employee obtaining those skills and remaining in the area.

The Litchfield Initiative

The Litchfield Initiative is a group of community leaders who forged a partnership to provide a location for raising skill levels of people of all ages for successful careers.

It started with the generosity of Litchfield Schools, making available the building now known as the Krohn Center, for use by The Litchfield Regional Training Center.

Strong local support from the schools and business community has resulted in a growing Litchfield Regional Training Center, but we must in particular thank the following for their significant contribution:

Contributing Partners Include:

The Litchfield Regional Training Center Thanks you for your Support!

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