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The Litchfield Regional Training Center grew out of the Litchfield Initiative, a group of community leaders who forged a partnership to educate tomorrow's workforce, today.  With the support of Litchfield Community Schools, the Krohn Center (formerly known as the Agriculture Industrial Arts building) is now available for use as Litchfield Initiative's training center. 


It is the Litchfield Initiative's mission to train and educate tomorrow's industrial workforce. Three areas of technical need were identified by the Litchfield Industrial community; Welding, CNC machine programming, and Robotics programming. The Litchfield Initiative is dedicated to providing an elite training experience for each of those technical concentrations. 


The Litchfield Initiative's vision is to create educational opportunities that prepare people of all ages for successful careers, jobs requiring technical training, leadership roles within their career, community and beyond, and lifelong learning.

                                     "An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest" 
                                                                                                                                      - Benjamin Franklin
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We are currently developing two existing buildings with modern technology and amenities to create one source for all your training needs!

Our partners and staff include experts who have gained knowledge by years of experience within the industries and field they instruct.

Discover the unique story of Litchfield and why this is the ideal location for a modern Regional Training Center.

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181 Simpson Drive

Litchfield, MI 49252

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​Telephone : ​(517) 877-2490

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